Monday, October 31, 2011

Harvest Progressing

How is your harvest progressing? Respond to this blog post so we all can see what's going on.

The USDA Crop Progress Report is due out at 4:00 pm today (October 31, 2011). I'm curious to see how your personal operations compare with the USDA Report. 

Peer Advisory Groups, Some Differences

In the last post, I highlighted some of the common themes among successful groups. Now, I want to address some of the differences. The point of this is to emphasize that each group must develop their own identity and their own guidelines for operation.

Peer Advisory Groups, Common Themes

Earlier this summer, I attended a meeting on Peer Advisory Groups hosted by Danny Klinefelter at Texas A&M. Several types of Peer Advisory Groups were introduced and discussed that the meeting. All of these groups had different compositions and structures. The successful groups had some things in common. They are listed here in no specific order:

1. Time and Money: Members must contribute money and time; members have to pay a price in money and must attend the meetings in person. In addition, rotating responsibilities across the group was a good thing (for example, each meeting one person takes the notes, one person keep track of time and one person makes sure everyone is contributing, perhaps another person is in charge of food, etc.).

Commodity Classic, 2012

The 2012 Commodity Classic is in Nashville, Tennessee during March 1 - 3.

Producers from commodity groups representing corn, soybean, wheat and sorghum will be in attendance. Topics will range from production to finance to policy. The trade show will be large again.

More details about the Commodity Classic are here: