Friday, June 17, 2011

MAIN, Tentative Agenda for July 16, 2011

MAIN 16-Jul-11
Tentative Agenda

11:00   Welcome & Round of News [Focus on Beans: Summary of last year results and best practices, summary of this years planting (acres, number of plants/ac, planting date, N/P/K, treatments, etc,
- Comparative Slide.] MAIN Board/Chad Lee
11:15    Technical Presentation I:Emerson Nafziger
12:00   Lunch: I. Introduction of Each Person, where they farm, what they farm; II. Beans big picture talk (40 min)TBD/Possibly
Pete Goldsmith
1:30   Technical Presentation II: Seth Naeve
2:15   Break
2:30   Tour of FieldTrials & U. PlotsChad Lee
4:00   Production Practices (Comparison of Excel Files)Chad Lee
5:30   Adjourn